Express Shop for WooCommerce with Audio & Video v9.5.2

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Express Shop for WooCommerce with Audio & Video v9.5.2

Express Shop displays all WooCommerce products as a one page store in great styles with product audio and video. Show your WooCommerce product table for quick purchase and easy bulk ordering. Faster shopping for online ordering in restaurant, food menu, grocery stores, wholesale store, music or video stores, etc.

Display all WooCommerce products in a convenient for user product table view with live product search, product filtering and AJAX buttons Add to Cart! Customers can add multiple items to their cart from the store on one page and quickly complete the checkout.

++ Compatible with any theme. Suitable for bulk grocery ordering, wholesale store, restaurant menu plugin, online food ordering system and any type of store that needs better and more streamlined tabbed product catalog display and product filtering.

The additional "Audio & Video" column makes your one-page store more attractive and helps buyers quickly make a buying decision and increase your sales. The audio and video of WooCommerce products also make this plugin especially useful for selling MP3s or videos as digital products, music CDs or DVDs.

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