Searcher - Ajax Search for Elementor


The Searcher is a lightweight advanced search WordPress plugin for Elementor. The search field makes it easy and quick for anyone to find specific information. It allows searching throughout the content of the site or separately on pages, posts, WooCommerce products or other post types.

The plugin supports two types of requests: Asynchronous and Regular. The Asynchronous type displays the results already in the process of typing. In this case, the user does not need to know the exact name of a blog name or product but only a small part of it and it’s up to the search system to do the rest. At the same time, the results are displayed clearly and relevantly. Depending on the post type, the list of results will consist of a featured image/product image, a title, and a short description. The Regular type starts searching after entering a query and displays the results on a separate page. Each widget element such as field, button and label has separate settings for customization.



●  Size: 6.7 Mb  ●  Downloads: 451