MightyVPN v8.0 - Flutter App for Secure VPN and Fast Servers VPN

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MightyVPN v8.0 - Flutter App for Secure VPN and Fast Servers VPN

Surf the web anonymously and securely with Mighty VPN app. If you are a web surfer, Mighty VPN is for you. For an uninterrupted, high speed browsing and zero logs, this app allows online activity to be private. Facilitate lightning fast speed, Mighty VPN is compatible with iOS, Android. Protect your privacy, keeping you safe from third party tracking, unblock geographically restricted sites, one click to connect VPN, encrypt the internet traffic, and more with Mighty VPN app. Unblock and access streaming videos, movies, series, matches, shows, and more without buffering. The super fast Mighty VPN app is ideal for streaming games. You can also change your IP address to wherever you want with Mighty VPN app. With a set of resourceful features, Mighty VPN app comes with a modern functionalities.

App Features:

  • With Mighty VPN, you can allow your users to unlock any blocked sites in their country.
  • Mighty VPN offers access to connect as well as disconnect VPN feature for better connection.
  • Mighty VPN makes it possible to establish multiple server selection for the users with appropriate configuration.
  • Check the internet speed by running the internet speed test with Mighty VPN.
  • If you own a multilingual site, Mighty VPN’s multi-language and RTL compatibility allows you to browse your project in multiple language.
  • Mighty VPN features a comprehensive guide as Material design across platforms and devices.
  • Available to opt between Dark mode as well as Light mode, Might VPN offers best user experience.
  • Mighty VPN also offers no-log feature in which the virtual private network provider does not collect any information transmitted through the network.
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