Order Tracking Premium v3.3.8

14-11-2023, 10:17
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Order Tracking Premium v3.3.8

Order tracking and status tracking software that allows you to quickly and easily manage the status of your orders, projects, shipments, or any other item, by posting order tracking updates or tickets that can be viewed through the front end of your WordPress site, for easy order management. All this is done via a series of easy-to-use order shortcodes.

Includes Gutenberg blocks for displaying tracking and order forms!


Status Tracking premium offers many additional features to enhance your order status tracking experience and offer the best in order management. You can accept payment for orders as well as integrate status tracking into your existing WooCommerce shop. You can add custom fields to gather more information from customers submitting orders as well as provide more specific details via the order shortcode and in order alert emails.

For even more refined order management, you can also create sales reps and assign a specific WordPress user account to each, so that they can log in and see/manage only their orders.

Further premium features include:

  • Create different locations to associate with your statuses for your order updates
  • Assign orders to customers and sales reps for enhanced status management
  • Dozens of styling and labelling options to enhance the order tracking experience
  • PayPal integration to allow order payment
  • WooCommerce integration to import WooCommerce orders
  • Customer order form, to let customers create their own orders which admins can then update
  • Allow customers and sales reps to download / export their orders straight from the front end
  • Assign a specific WordPress user account to a sales rep, so they can log in and manage all of their orders
  • Let sales reps manage only their orders
  • Assign a specific WordPress user account or Front-End Only Users account to a customer, so they can log in and view all of their orders
  • Require login for WordPress or Front-End Only Users before viewing an order status
  • Custom fields for orders, customers and sales reps to display information such as weight, estimated delivery, price etc.
  • Export orders to spreadsheet to allow for bulk updating


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