Kikote Pro v1.8.9 - Location Picker & Google Address Autofill Plugin

02-01-2024, 08:12
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Kikote Pro v1.8.9 - Location Picker & Google Address Autofill Plugin

Allow customers on your WooCommerce store to choose their delivery or pickup location on a Google map at checkout.

Custom Google Maps
Create custom map designs to wow your customers while making their buying experience better.

Custom Marker Icon
The default red pin is boring. Why not show customers a thunderbolt? Heck, set any custom icon you'd like!

Saved Addresses
John Doe places orders to your store while at home and at work...he hates always having to fill in the respective address. Let John save multiple addresses and quickly select the one he wants to use with this handy feature!

Shipping Cost by Region
Draw shipping regions using a Google map and set the name of the region as well as the cost to ship to that region. When a customer falls within a particular region, LPAC will automatically update the shipping method with the cost you set for that region, AMAZING!

Shipping Cost by Distance
Do you know the fuel economy of your delivery/pickup vehicle? Great! Do a little math and now you're able to charge customers a cost based on distance. Just as amazing as Shipping Cost by Region but with more fined-tuned pricing!

Shipping Cost by Distance Range
0-10 km, 10-25 km .. ... Create ranges and set the shipping price based on the customer's distance away from the origin point such as your main store.

Shipping Cost by Store Distance
Multiple store locations? No problem. Nice to know your business is growing. Go further with Distance pricing by setting the shipping cost based on the customer's distance from the store they select on the checkout page.

Shipping Cost by Store Location
Don't need such fine-tuned pricing? That's fine. You can set a flat rate for shipping from each store in your growing empire. The final shipping cost will be the one set for the store that the customer selects on the checkout page.

Export Order Locations
Do you have a set delivery date and time for orders? Use this feature to export your orders with useful information such as customer location, name, phone number and more.

Restrict Places Autocomplete
Fun fact, there are 16593 "High Street" in the world! Improve your customers checkout experience by restricting the Places Autocomplete results to addresses from your country or a list of countries.

More Visibility Rules
In addition to all the great visibility rules available from the free version, in PRO you can Show/Hide the checkout map based on Shipping Zone and Cart Subtotals.


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