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ADoctor v1.3.0 - Hospital Doctor Booking Android and iOS App

22-03-2024, 19:55
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ADoctor v1.3.0 - Hospital Doctor Booking Android and iOS App

ADoctor is a comprehensive Hospital Doctor Booking platform that includes Android and iOS apps, a website, and an Admin Panel. The platform facilitates scheduling appointments for patients to meet with doctors at the clinic. It offers features like finding doctors by their specialization, arranging disease investigations, and booking home services. It will be used for appointment booking of doctors in a small hospital or clinic. A patient will book the schedule of his preferred doctor from here. According to that time, he will go to the hospital, take the service, and pay the doctor’s fee in hand cash. Also will come to the patient’s home and collect samples for various testing. Here too the transactions will be done manually. Entrepreneurs and start-ups can take advantage of this cost-effective software solution to launch their Hospital Doctor Booking platform. The platform comes with detailed project instructions, making it user-friendly for everyone to operate the apps smoothly. With ADoctor, managing doctor appointments and patient bookings becomes a lot easier.

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