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adChange v3.2.0 - P2P Trading Platform Full Solution

23-03-2024, 17:20
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adChange v3.2.0 - P2P Trading Platform Full Solution

adChange is the ultimate business software solution for P2P trading. Seamlessly integrating Android and iOS platforms, complemented by an intuitive web interface and efficient admin panels, adChange equips entrepreneurs with a comprehensive toolkit. Highlighting a dynamic Trade Marketplace, intelligent Offer and Counter Offer system, versatile Currency Buy-Sell-Exchange options, an insightful Trade Dashboard, QRCode-driven trading, Get Offer convenience, transparent Fee Calculator, and robust KYC alongside 2FA security protocols, adChange streamlines business-focused trading aspirations. Elevate your entrepreneurial journey with adChange and harness the true prowess of peer-to-peer transactions. Within the adChange ecosystem, entrepreneurs wield the ability to craft their own trades, specifying currency amounts for sale, desired exchange rates, and pricing parameters. These trades are then subject to administrative approval, ensuring a controlled and trustworthy trading environment. Once approved, the trade becomes accessible to potential buyers within the platform. Buyers can readily engage with these live trade opportunities, either accepting the seller’s terms or submitting their unique offers. Simultaneously, sellers are notified of incoming offers, allowing for seamless engagement in the negotiation process. Sellers have the autonomy to accept buyer offers, propose counter offers that align with their interests, and work towards establishing mutually agreeable terms. Upon consensus, both parties can confidently finalize the trade, effecting the exchange of currency for the receipt of funds. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional software solutions at a budget-friendly cost, empowering you to capitalize on opportunities and excel in this dynamic industry. Embrace the opportunity to elevate ordinary operations into extraordinary accomplishments with it.

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