CS-Cart v4.12.2 SP2 - Ultimate & Multi Vendor

CS-Cart for marketplaces v4.12.2 SP2 has been released with improvements for sellers, interface improvements and more..

General changes

It is now clearer and more noticeable where the message came from. Now, if the message is sent from a product page, order page or import preset (in Multi-Vendor), this object is easier to notice and understand the context of the discussion.

Added the ability to work with the basket from different devices for authorized users. Previously, if a customer filled the cart in parallel from different devices, then the content would not sync until the customer logs into their account.

In 4.12.2, we fixed the logic for working with baskets. Now, if you are logged in on several devices at once, the information about the basket will be up-to-date on each of them.

Fixed a bug with disappearing reviews for product variations. Many customers complained that when manually making changes to the Default variation, they lost product reviews and the Reviews tab itself on the product edit page. In 4.12.2 this issue has been fixed.
Import / export of regions has been moved to a separate section. Previously, the export / import functionality of regions was difficult to find. But now we have moved it to the side menu on the "Administration -> Export/Import Data" page.

Now it is more convenient to add products to blocks with manual filling. When creating a block with manual filling, it has become much more convenient to add products to it - you just need to start entering the name of the product, and it will appear in the list.

If your store has already created duplicate products, turn off and turn on the new module. Products uploaded by the old module will be linked to the new one, and duplicated products will acquire the “Off” status. You can clean them up manually later. At the same time, you cannot remove the old module, just turn it off.

Import Easier for Vendors

Multi-Vendor allows merchants to import CSV or XML files. This is done through the so-called import presets. Presets explain the Multi-Vendor from which columns or elements of the file and what information about the product to take.

Previously, each vendor had their own presets. Even if vendors imported similar files, each vendor needed to set up the preset individually. You could help him with this, but for another seller with the same file, you would have to do the same.

Starting with version 4.12.1, you can configure a general preset that will be available to all sellers. Teach Multi-Vendor how to import a file once, and any vendor can import a similar file without any hassle. If the seller needs to change the preset for himself, he can create his own copy of the general preset. This made the import easier for beginners, but retained all the features for advanced users.

Communication between administrators and sellers

Previously there was a module "Ask the seller a question" which allowed the buyer to ask a question about the product. But in version 4.12.1 we had to rename it to "Message Center". This is because now the module allows sellers to communicate with the administration of the marketplace and vice versa.

The seller can contact the administration from various pages of the admin panel through the button with the gear icon. In this case, administrators will see from which page they were contacted. Marketplace administrators can do the same. This makes it easier to discuss problems related to specific products or import presets ..

New module for seller ratings A

New module "Seller ratings" has been added to CS-Cart for Plus and Ultimate marketplaces. It allows you to automatically split sellers into levels: bronze, silver, gold. There are many criteria, and you can compose a rating calculation formula from them yourself.

After that, if you turn on the sorting of sellers by rating and set it to default, then buyers will see the products of the most important sellers above. This can encourage sellers to take action. For example, if ratings are heavily influenced by reviews, it is in the best interest of sellers to ensure that reviews are good.
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