JSitemap PRO v4.9.1 - Joomla Generating Maps

JSitemap Professional Edition has unique features for generating sitemaps of various types to provide the best level of SEO optimization. It works in all environments that support fine-tuning of resources that generate load on the server and caching systems during sitemap generation. You can increase the number of pages indexed by Google by 400% and thereby increase the accessibility of the site.

Sitemap Professional Edition supports generating:
  • Regular XML sitemap
  • XML sitemap for images
  • XML sitemap for news
  • Mobile XML sitemap
Generating many types of sitemaps will allow your site to become more accessible to search engines and improve its position, which, on the other hand, cannot be achieved using other Joomla sitemap extensions

Sitemap is generated in real time based on site content changes, that is, everything Changes to your site's content are reflected in the sitemap. What's more, by adding links to dynamically generate a sitemap, such as Google Webmaster Tools, it will automatically fetch the latest version of the sitemap, doing all the work for you.
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