LiveCanvas v3.0.5 - Bootstrap 5 WordPress Page Builder for Web Designers

Build Better Web Pages. An excellent live HTML editor focused on speed and code quality.

Built for performance

LiveCanvas, packaged as an ultra-small (<150KB gzip) WordPress plugin, will allow you to create great webpages that convey your message efficiently while keeping your weight low. No additional CSS or JS bloat added. Just pure Bootstrap 4.

Empowers you to be truly responsive

Delivering on a response promise means being able to effectively get your message across to your audience on any device. LiveCanvas makes it easy to visually inspect what's going on at each breakpoint while you're working on your project. Build things from the beginning, instead of fixing countless glitches afterwards.

Use Building Blocks or Build Your Own

LiveCanvas helps you create great web pages by visually combining pieces of HTML we call "blocks." This allows you to get started right away using pre-built blocks or creating your own. There is no limit to your creativity!

Free Access

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