66toolkit v17.0.0 - Ultimate Web Tools System (SAAS)

66toolkit is the ultimate web tool PHP script available with 45 tools available and included for everyday tasks as well as developers.


  • DNS lookup tool.
  • IP lookup tool.
  • SSL lookup tool.
  • Whois lookup tool.
  • Ping tool.
  • MD5 generator tool.
  • Base64 converter tool.
  • Base64 image converter tool.
  • URL converter tool.
  • Lorem ipsum generator tool.
  • Markdown to HTML tool.
  • Case converter tool.
  • UUID v4 generator tool.
  • Bcrypt generator tool.
  • Password generator tool.
  • Password strength checker tool.
  • Slug generator tool.
  • HTML minifier tool.
  • CSS minifier tool.
  • JS minifier tool.
  • User agent parser tool.
  • Website hosting checker tool.
  • Character counter tool.
  • URL parser tool.
  • Color converter tool.
  • HTTP headers lookup tool.
  • Duplicate lines remover tool.
  • Text to speech tool.
  • IDN punnycode converter tool.
  • JSON validator & beautifier tool.
  • QR code reader tool.
  • Meta tags checker tool.
  • Exif reader tool.
  • SQL formatter / beautifier tool.
  • HTML entity converter tool.
  • Binary converter tool.
  • Hex converter tool.
  • MailTo link generator tool.
  • YouTube thumbnail downloader tool.
  • Google safe URL checker.
  • Google cache checker.
  • URL redirect checker.
  • Whatsapp link generator.
  • UTM link generator.
  • Youtube Timestamp link generator.
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