WhatsHam v2.0.5 - A Cloud Based WhatsApp SAAS System

WhatsHam v2.0.5 - A Cloud Based WhatsApp SAAS System

A cloud-based WhatsApp SAAS system where you can make a bulk campaign along with the WhatsApp bot. As this uses WhatsApp web instance so there is no hazard of banning WhatsApp.

Admin features:

  • Dashboard
  • Users Management
  • Dynamic Plans with a strong hold on features
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Admin to user pinging system
  • Transaction logs for payments
  • Ability to add frontend dynamic pages
  • User backup and restore
  • Premium modules
  • Much More

User Dashboard:

  • Multiple WhatsApp accounts
  • Multiple types of campaigns like Button/ List/ Document/ Image etc
  • Separate media section
  • Button templets management
  • List templets management
  • Campaign templets management
  • Campaign history
  • Multiple types of WhatsApp bots like reply with image/button/document/image etc
  • Export WhatsApp group as excel
  • Ping to admin
  • Manage plans
  • Set a random delay between each message
  • Bulk messages with excel
  • 12 dynamic variables
  • Much More
whatsham-2.0.5.rar (18.4 Mb)
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