Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin v7.2

Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin v7.2
09:55, 19 August 2021
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Ultimate Affiliate Pro - with its help you can organize a bonus system for attracting new users. A distinctive feature is that it integrates into any site and you do not need to install Woocommerce to use it. Attract new users for bonuses and build your pyramid with the Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugin.

Each partner can create their own marketing promotions and increase the number of partners using a multi-level marketing strategy.

Depending on your design, you can use one of the prepared templates for entering the system, removing additional links and the option to remember the password.

Also for custom needs, there is the ability to customize the CSS, so any template can be customized. In addition to the ready-made templates, you can customize all fields: change labels, orders and necessary conditions.

Main functions

Ranks with achievements
Classify your referrals into separate tiers and assign a different commission tier. Each Affiliate can be promoted to the next rank when a certain level of income is reached
Unlimited referrals
No limit on the number of your referrals who can promote your products and services
Custom amount
Set a percentage or flat amount for each rank, offer or custom commission
Special offers
Referrals can earn different commissions based on what products are purchased. Offer may be limited by date range.
Multilevel Marketing
Incorporate your affiliate platform into an MLM system that will incentivize your own referrals to attract new customers. UniLevel Plan, Force Matrix or Binary Matrix can be installed based on your needs.
Lifetime Commissions
Allow your affiliates to earn commission on all future purchases by a customer. No more worrying about Cookies or different browsers.
Performance Bonuses
Set bonus commissions when one of your referrals reaches a certain rating or when they subscribe for the first time. Each rank may have a different Bonus.
Banner management
Provides various banners to help your partners promote your products and services on any website with embedded code.
PayPal Payouts
Pay your affiliates with PayPal earnings right from your Ultimate Affiliate Pro dashboard in just a few clicks. Choose to pay with specific referrals or the entire deposit.
Recurring Referrals
Commissions for re-subscribing to membership systems with custom amount and different from one rank to another. Allow your own referrals Allow your affiliate to earn commissions from their own referrals.
Referral Registration
Available for a membership system that brings flat commissions when a specified user signs up
Social Sharing
Plugin integrated with Social Share & Locker provides share button options for your affiliate to share their affiliate links on the social network.
9 Integration Email Marketing Platforms are integrated into the plugin where you can store your affiliate emails for future newsletter campaigns.
Referrals will be able to spend their earnings directly on your website during onward purchases based on generated coupons with a specific flat discount.
Affiliate Coupons
Affiliate program correlation with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download or Ultimate Membership Pro code that will be rewarded when a customer uses this coupon on your systems.
Affiliate custom url
Provides personal urls beyond the default username or id, so the referral can hide their identity or company name behind a custom url.
Friendly Affiliate Links
Affiliates will be able to use friendly links instead of the default with a better structure, when the link is shared and much easier to read
Customers decide which affiliate is rewarded during the purchase and checkout process.
BuddyPress Account Page
Integrate the Affiliate Account Page section directly into your BudyPress account page as a regular tab.
WooCommerce account page
Integrate the "Affiliate Account Page" section directly into your WooCommerce account page as a regular tab.
Custom Currency
If your Currency is not available in the system, you can add your own currency for future use.
Top Affiliates
Provides a public listing with your high ranking referrals sorted by sales, referrals and visits with 10 predefined templates
Custom Fields Form
Several types of custom fields that will provide a fully customized registration form.
Invoice page
More than 15 menu tabs with different options and fully customizable based on 2 predefined templates and separate sections.
Translation Support
Ultimate Affiliate Pro is ready to work in any language - it is completely translation ready.
Detailed partner reports or payment statistics for the administrator and each partner on the account page.
Email notifications for different activities or stages for partners and sysadmins
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