Swift Performance v2.3.6.6 - Super Fast Cache WordPress Site

Swift Performance offers a new, innovative, intelligent caching system for your WordPress websites. For example, a site with the popular Avada theme can be overclocked from 66% to 100%, and a site on the equally popular Divi themecan be overclocked from 24% to 100%, which is very impressive, isn't it!

What the plugin does

Removes jаvascript and CSS blocking the top of the page. Swift Performance doesn't just minify and merge CSS and jаvascript files, but allows you to create critical CSS on the fly for your pages.

Innovative, super-fast cache

Fast performance is ensured by smart caching, you can also cache AJAX requests and dynamic requests.

Built-in unlimited image optimizer

Swift Performance comes with built-in image optimizer. You can losslessly compress JPEG and PNG images and improve the performance of your site. The limitlessness of this service is declared.

CDN Support

Swift Performance supports CDNs. You can specify the hostname to be used for static resources. Plus, you can set 3 different nodes for CSS, JS and media.

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