Tiered Pricing Table for WooCommerce Premium v4.4.0

A simple WooCommerce pluginthat allows you to set different prices for different quantities of a product. Post your pricing policy on the product page, increase your sales by offering a discount for wholesale! The easiest to set up and powerful wholesale plugin for WooCommerce.


Flat prices or percentage discounts for a certain quantity of products
Role-based pricing (adjust the regular price, sale price, minimum order quantity, tiered pricing)
Minimum order quantity – set a minimum amount of product users can buy.
Realtime price changes depending on the selected amount of the product page
Display summary block with totals or replace product price with the actual or total price on the product page
A pricing table on the product page with price dependence on quantity
Ability to choose the place where to display the pricing table and summary block on the product page
The possibility to customize the appearance of the pricing table – accent color, labels, etc.
Automatically applies your theme styles to look natural on every design.
Work properly with variable products, individual table for every variation
Pricing rules are fulfilled regardless of where the user makes the purchase (post\catalog\widgets\etc)
Work with regular WooCommerce import\export and WP All Import
Built-in pricing string cache for best performance
Works with WooCommerce Subscriptions
Works with Product Add-ons
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