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SMS Gateway v9.4.2 - Use Your Android Phone as SMS/MMS Gateway (SaaS)

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SMS Gateway v9.4.2 - Use Your Android Phone as SMS/MMS Gateway (SaaS)

Turn your mobile phone into the SMS Gateway for your applications. Send bulk SMS and MMS using your Android device SIM.

Sending Bulk Messages: Use a CSV or Excel file containing numbers to send bulk messages.

Sending Bulk MMS: Sending MMS is also supported. You can send plain text messages as MMS or attach image files to messages. It also provides an API so you can send MMS messages programmatically. This feature depends on the availability of MMS in your country and the support of your network operator. To receive it, the recipient must be able to receive MMS. If you can send MMS normally, then everything should work. This feature should not be confused with RCS or any other messaging capabilities provided by the device manufacturer (e.g. Samsung message, Mi message, etc.). It's a good idea to try the demo from here to test MMS compatibility.

Works in the background: You don't need to keep the Android app open on your device for it to work. This makes it easy to use with your regular device. You don't need a special device for this.

API: Send SMS from your application developed using any programming language.

Receiving SMS messages in the admin panel: Ability to receive SMS messages in the admin panel and reply to them using WebHook. You can also activate the ability to receive SMS messages directly to your email.


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