Game Sleeping Dogs is the third open-world game title similar to the GTA game. The plot of the game revolves around the main character, Wei Shen, an undercover police returning from Hong Kong with the task of destroying gangsters. Hong Kong gangs have taken Shen's sister, and he is willing to trade everything to eliminate them. The story begins when Shen was thrown into prison on charges of drug trafficking, and met his childhood friend, Jackie. Shen asked Jackie to find him a temporary job, and Jackie introduced him to Hong Kong's most notorious gang, Sun On Yee.

Contra is probably the game associated with childhood with many generations of 9x - 8x when the legendary 4-button handheld game console at that time was storming. Recently, the game developer Contra Konami has officially released the full version of Contra Anniversary Collection game. With all the timed versions of the game. Please also TPM PC to return to childhood again via the download link Contro Anniversary Collection game right below.