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Pinky Chat v1.6 - Live Chat Support Script

09-01-2024, 17:02
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Pinky Chat v1.6 - Live Chat Support Script

Pinky Chat is smarter way to quickly handle your customer service. It’s live chat application and help desk software for your websites. Talk to your customer in real-time over web and mobile friendly too. Additionally you can track analytics of your website, visitor’s path and geo location details.


  • Real-time unlimited chatting
  • Two way file sharing
  • Operator to Operator Chat
  • Canned responses (Shortcuts)
  • Multilingual Support (Translatable to any language)
  • Responsive Chat Window (Mobile Friendly)
  • Cross domain support
  • Send transcripts to users
  • Multiple Departments Support
  • Contact page when no operators online
  • Widget display blacklist
  • Inline widget support
  • Fullscreen chat mode
  • Customizable avatars, emoticon, notification tone etc..
  • Multiple operators and guests chatting
  • Message notification tones
  • Custom Chat Templates
  • Inbuilt Analytics (Track your visitors traffic, source of traffic etc..)
  • Visitors path tracking
  • Performance settings
  • Custom widget positions
  • Adblock Detection
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Captcha Protection (Google reCAPTCHA Included)
  • Support both SMTP and native PHP mail
  • Add-ons Support
  • Shortcode System
  • Ban unwanted user IP address functionality
  • Easy Installer Panel

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