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Game B52 CLUB - The Level of the Card Game to Exchange Rewards

21-04-2022, 11:34
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Game B52 CLUB - The Level of the Card Game to Exchange Rewards

Game B52 CLUB is considered one of the reputable card game portals in the card game market in Vietnam. GameB52 Club brings a completely vivid experience of playing cards online, exploding jars, and owns a beautiful graphical interface at an excellent level, a diverse game system, and a series of fast loading and unloading services. scale and professional number 1 today.

Card Game Forward to the South

Surely this is no longer a strange name to gamers and this is the most played card game genre. At B52 Club, players can choose from solo, 4 or side tables with bets from as low as 100 and as large as 50K.

Poker game

Poker has the largest bet up to 2.5M. Just one game won, players can withdraw money to Heavy Wallet. This is one of the card games that attracts the most players.

Poker card game

Poker with a maximum number of 9 players with a maximum of 50K. Players only need a light mouse click to be transferred to the appropriate table and proceed to get rich quickly.

Card Game Mau Binh

Mau Binh is a game that many people choose when coming to the game store. With a maximum bet of 50k and a minimum of 100, players only need to understand the rules of the game and basic scoring to be able to join the game and receive their winnings.

Phom card game

Phom, also known as the dozen, is a type of card game that attracts many players. If you are a newbie, players should choose tables with small bets to try to gain experience. And if you are confident with your ability, do not hesitate to raise the bet to receive a huge amount of money.

Card Game Lieng

In the game system of B52 Club, there are many different card games. However, not everyone knows how to play all these types of cards, such as Lieng. The game publisher has very psychologically realized this and has its own detailed guide for newbies, so players can learn how to play Lieng correctly to easily grasp how to play and win. .

Card Game Sam Loc

The whirlwind game is divided into Solo, Table 5 and Faction. Players can also create their own table by clicking on the icon in the right corner of the screen of the game interface. When finished playing, players do not forget to check their ratings to choose higher tables to have more new experiences.

Black Jack Card Game

Also known as blackjack, this is an extremely famous card game in Vietnam, often played during Tet holidays and group meetings. With blackjack game, players can play anywhere, anytime with many other players on the system and receive for themselves many attractive rewards.


With the strong and professional investment of a reputable game publisher in the Asian market, the GAME B52 Club card game portal possesses outstanding advantages that are considered as a blockbuster card game portal 2020:


One thing that this game publisher confidently affirms to players is transparency, credibility and safety. There will be no breaking the law, cheating or cheating because this online card game portal has been licensed and guaranteed by the SV88 board and the Philippine government.


Game B52 Club is registered and released on CHplay, IOS and website, so gamers can play on any device as long as there is an internet connection. Not all games can be used anytime, anywhere.


Game B52 Club owns a modern and synchronized interface on all platforms. The game interface is meticulously cared for by the world's top designers, with eye-catching colors, a neat and scientific layout that anyone can easily explore.

If you are bored with the game of exchanging rewards, players can also switch to simple and easy-to-win slot games such as: Xoc disc, Tai faint, Diamond, God of Fortune, Aquarium, Keno game, Metal Gear, Pirate King, Avengers, Mini Poker.


The server system is always operating in a stable condition. Players when playing games will rarely encounter an error or disconnection from the server. This is one of the rare online card game portals in Vietnam that only operates on a single domain name, so players can be assured of the longevity as well as the sudden change of the game server.


Customer information security system is a huge plus of Game B52 Club portal. With a multi-layer firewall system, it is very difficult for hackers to penetrate and steal user information. So players can comfortably play the game without having to fear anything.

GAME B52 Club will use OTP code in all forms of operation, therefore, customers can check the safety of personal information on the Game B52 Club portal by themselves.


The competition of online card game portals often comes from promotions. The GAME B52 CLUB card game portal builds a brand with product quality and guaranteed legality, but besides that, it also gives customers attractive promotions. For new gamers, when activating the account, there will be 50,000 VND in the account immediately. This is just enough money for players to experience all the features of Game B52 Club.

In addition, GAME B52 Club also has attractive events, supporting newcomers to start a business without capital. Gratitude gifts are sent to the mailbox regularly. Players should click on the Event, Campaign icon in the bottom corner of the screen to receive information as well as participate in the fastest reward hunting.

Online card game portal GAME B52 Club applies the highest top-up rate on the market today with all methods: top up Bank, top up Momo, top up cards and Internet Banking. Deposit and withdraw money through banks, top-up cards with just a few simple steps without any intermediary form.

With hundreds of thousands of hits every day, but with a methodical investment from a reputable publisher, the card game portal is always open 24/7 to answer all players' questions as quickly as possible. This is one of the factors that help "hold" customers, which is put on the top of the game portal.

Price: 500 USD
Contact: Telegram or Send PM
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