Meow Gallery Pro v5.1.6 - WordPress Gallery

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Meow Gallery Pro v5.1.6 - WordPress Gallery

Meow Gallery Pro is a Gallery for WordPress built for photography websites, but not only. It is polished, beautiful and works with the Gallery Block (Gutenberg), the Core WP Gallery and the official Gallery Shortcode. It is responsive, retina-friendly, uses modern layouts and is blazing fast and optimized. It uses modern CSS, and JS is only used for infinite/lazy and the slider layout.

Pro Version

For better performances, exciting bonus layouts to play with, animations, and support, this is the one you should get.

  • Carousel Layout. Display your images in a beautiful carousel (you might know this layout as slider).
  • Map Layout. Instead of a gallery of images, a map will be displayed. The GPS written in your photos will be used.
  • Infinite Loading. If you have huge galleries, with hundreds of thousands of photos, this feature will make it doable and smooth.
  • Animations. Sleek animations.

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