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WP Smart Fullscreen Menu v1.048

10-05-2023, 09:00
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WP Smart Fullscreen Menu v1.048

This unique plugin creates a beautiful and smart fullscreen menu on your Wordpress website.

Its powerful visual conditional system allows you to create a really smart menu, showing different steps depending on the defined conditions .

Steps can contain image links, dropdowns, sliders, textfields, numberfields, rich texts, shortcodes...

Each item can start an action when the user interacts with it, such : show an element of the website, change the page, go to the next step, execute JS code...

You can also use the informations filled by the user to send a new contact to your MailChimp or GetResponse list.

The generated menu can be started using a dedicated fixed button placed in a corner of the screen, or when the user clicks an existing button/link of your website.

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