Quick Order Plugin for WooCommerce v1.1.5

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Quick Order Plugin for WooCommerce v1.1.5

Quick Order for WooCommerce facilitates buyers to quickly purchase a bulk number of different products without visiting every product page. It is designed to reduce the number of steps required to place an order and allow customers to add products quickly.

It provides the most convenient steps for a wholesaler to place orders with an autocomplete search box and displays the auto-suggestions for products. When customers enter the product’s name into the field it helps to pick up items instantly. Additionally, this allows customers to import CSV files to add to a cart bunch of Products.

WooCommerce Quick Order plugin enhance the overall shopping experience for your customer by adding a simple, intuitive way to purchase your products.

Note – The Quick Order Plugin for WooCommerce is compatible with Multisite. This plugin does not support External/Affiliate and Grouped product types.

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