WorkTick v1.3.0 - HRM & Project Management

01-10-2023, 19:38
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WorkTick v1.3.0 - HRM & Project Management

WorkTick is your ultimate Human Resource Management (HRM) system with Project Management. It is capable of capturing all the essential functionalities required for any enterprise and even more.

It is a timely solution for upgrading your HR team and making the whole process more efficient. With WorkTick you can easily manage your enterprise, projects, and employees.

It has a user-friendly and easy-to-customize system, as well as a dynamic dashboard you can trust. Furthermore, the installation process is so simple that it will be fully operational in less than 5 minutes.

Therefore, the fact that all of this is contained within a single application is nothing short of miraculous. Also, if you want to replace the strewn about your office piles of paperwork and spreadsheets with a beautiful online people database complete with employee profiles. So, Get WorkTick today and save countless hours of frustrating work.

HRM Features

We have given attention to every design element. The final result is what we believe to be an extremely user-friendly application. The application gives you & your HR team a single point of contact, to collaborate on projects.


  • Total Projects & Tasks - Helps to manage, add and keep records of all your projects.
  • Total employees & Clients - WorkTick allows you to find details and perform necessary functionalities to your employees’ and clients’ information. You can view all employees and clients registered in your company.
  • Weekly Expense & Deposit - Enables you to view your weekly expenses.
  • Projects by status - This allows you to keep track of the status of your projects.
  • Tasks by status - Keeps track of the status of certain tasks allocated to a project.
  • Employee count by department - You can view and manage employees according to their departments.
  • Expense vs Deposit - There is also a chart that shows your company’s expenses and earnings to efficiently and economically run your business.
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