Jobi v1.6 - Job Board Marketplace | AI Powered (SAAS)

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Jobi v1.6 - Job Board Marketplace | AI Powered (SAAS)

Explore the next frontier in hiring with Jobi - Job Board Marketplace | AI Powered (SAAS). Jobi is equipped with dual panels for both candidates and companies, creating a seamless experience for all stakeholders. Employers can navigate the company panel with ease, leveraging advanced AI features for intelligent candidate matching, customizable job postings, and efficient application tracking. Meanwhile, candidates enjoy a tailored experience on their panel, where Jobi’s smart algorithms help match their skills with the perfect job opportunities. Revolutionize your hiring process with Jobi, where the synergy of AI technology and user-friendly design takes recruitment to new heights. Jobi script has 11+ automatic payment gateways and unlimited offline payment gateways and it has built with the latest in web development technologies, including Laravel, Inertia.js, Vue.js. It has included 2 click web installer to install the script from User Interface mode.

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