Advanced Ads Pro v2.17.0 - The WordPress Ad Management Plugin

This solution for displaying ads on a WordPress site. A powerful and easy-to-use WordPress ad plugin. Whether you have started to monetize your project, increase your existing income stream or need corporate integration.

Create, manage and display unlimited ads. Ad rotation based on custom ad weight, allowing separate tests and showing multiple advertisers per ad space. Conditions for showing ads on specific pages, page types, and other criteria. Sell ads right on your website using an automated workflow. Dedicated Google Adsense support. Choose whether to show ads on mobile, desktop, or desktop. Based on WordPress standards. Manage ads the way you manage posts and pages in WordPress. Including many hooks and actions and so easily extensible. Insert AMP ads into AMP pages to monetize fast mobile websites.


Advanced Ads - Slider 1.4.6
Advanced Ads - Geo Targeting 1.2.1
Advanced Ads - PopUp and Layer Ads 1.6.4
Advanced Ads - Responsive Ads 1.9.1
Advanced Ads - Selling Ads 1.2.6
Advanced Ads - Sticky Ads 1.7.9
Advanced Ads - Ad Tracking 1.20.2
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