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Chef v8.0 - SaaS - Contactless Multi-restaurant QR Menu Maker

Why is a contactless ordering system a must-have solution for restoring your restaurant after a lockdown?

The COVID situation has caused isolation / social distancing around the world and is having an unprecedented impact on the restaurant industry. The factor of fear has taken up residence in the mind of every customer and will remain in it longer. After a lockdown, business recovery may take longer as visitors take longer to return to restaurants, deliver food, or pick up services. Gaining the trust of a patron will be challenging for every restaurateur, as well as dealing with new operational challenges - staff shortages, uncertain supplier commitments to products, high training costs and declining sales.

Restaurant Features

  • Login.  
  • Items.  
  • Category.  
  • Addon Category.  
  • Addons.  
  • Order Notification with sound.  
  • Orders.  
  • View Order.  
  • Promo Banners.  
  • Pending Orders.  
  • Update Orders Status.  
  • Accept or Reject Orders  
  • Print Orders.  
  • Subscription Plans.  
  • Table Management.  
  • Store Settings.  
  • Ordering Option On/Off.  
  • Copy Store Url.  
  • Waiter Call Option.  
  • Order Status Screen.  
  • Print Qr Code.  
  • Customers List.  
  • Service Charge.  
  • Store Wise Currency.  
  • Tax.

Admin Features

  • Login.  
  • Add ,Edit, Update Stores.  
  • Enable Disable Stores.  
  • Subscription Management.  
  • Translation.  
  • Settings.

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