PDF Scanner v1.0 - SwiftUI Text Recognition Document Scanner

You probably already know how beneficial PDF Scanner apps are. Look, for example, this scanner that makes $3 million a month or this one that makes $500,000 a month. Most applications use the same technique to scan documents, allow you to create PDFs from scanned images, and some of them also offer OCR features. You've been asking for a PDF scanner app for a long time, and finally it's here, entirely developed in SwiftUI and using all of Apple's own frameworks. No third party products, APIs or frameworks are required, so you don't have to worry about anything breaking or not being supported in the future.

What This Product Offers You
  • You will receive the application source code, which you can see in the demo video. Nothing more and less than what the demo video shows. Feel free to ask questions before purchasing. The app is built using SwiftUI and supports iOS 14+.
  • The app runs 100% on Apple's own document scanning and OCR frameworks, giving you confidence without worrying about any third-party solutions.
  • Some of the built-in document scanning features include automatic or manual scanning, edit / crop / rotate scanned files, apply filters to scanned files, turn on / off camera flash, and automatically detect document edges.
  • The app fully supports dark mode, so if you want to change colors to light or dark mode, it's very easy to do it in the Xcode Assets document.
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