Wbcom Designs - BuddyPress Polls v4.2.5


BuddyPress Polls allows your community members to create polls as an activity, letting your members respond. In addition, these poll activities can be displayed which the help of a shortcode on any post, page, or CPT.

Website admin can limit who can create Poll activities; Polls can be time-bound with a single choice or multi-select options.

It also allows setting an image with a Poll description. Then, after the poll is submitted, the poll result will be visible to all.

Packed with Features

With everything you need to show product waiting times, look no further than BuddyPress Polls

Simple and Quick

BP Polls helps your audience to participate in an incredibly simple and organized way.

Insight into the activities

Site users can ask the real time questions about website content


Consider using BP Polls as a tool to redirect site users to an old post for more views.

Have fun

Poll Creators can have fun interactions with their audience through interesting, different questions to gain attention.

Educational purposes

Educational channels like external virtual learning can use polls to see what content viewers are struggling with and where they need extra help understanding.


Allows users to change their previously selected choices for a poll.

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