WP Synchro Pro v1.9.1

WP Synchro - WordPress Migration Plugin for Professionals

  • Easy full & partial site migrations (files & database)
  • Fully customizable for partial migrations
  • Re-run migrations many times
  • Essentially, no hassle migrations for WordPress

Core features of WP Synchro

The very core of WP Synchro is about migrating database data and files/dirs from one site to another.

Pull/push data

Pull or push data from one WordPress site to another. Always have the latest database and files to work with on your environment with the push of a button.

  • Save time by automating migrations - Setup once, run many times
  • Improve your service and quality to your customer by working on the best possible data on multiple environments.
  • Simple and convenient maintenance of your environments

Migrate database

Migrate database tables between your environments with no hassle. Choose the tables you want to move and what search/replaces you want to do on the data.

  • Fast migrations, with correct search/replace in data and no errors
  • Save time every time you re-run a database migration.
  • No more tedious moving of .sql files between databases

Migrate files

Migrate the files between your environments. You can choose what to transfer, such as WordPress, themes, plugins, uploads or other specific files/dirs.

  • Only migrate the difference in files, saving you time on every sync
  • Choose the exact data you want to migrate for your project, to make it fast and have full control.
  • Prevent errors from files not being in sync

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