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FireApp Chat v2.2 - Android Chatting App with Groups

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FireApp Chat v2.2 - Android Chatting App with Groups

FireApp Chat is a real-time chat application with support for video and voice calls and a history function. You can share images, audio, video, contacts, even share your location!

Application Features

  • No need to buy an external server, you can deploy it on Firebase servers
  • Phone authentication
  • Groups in chat
  • Stories feature
  • Voice and video calls
  • Press and hold to record and share a voice message
  • Firebase infrastructure (database, authentication, storage, analytics ...)
  • Indicators sent / received / read with real-time updates
  • Dial / record indicators with real-time updates
  • Copy / Forward / Share / Delete messages easily
  • Recently viewed and online updates
  • Delete messages remotely
  • Works even when you are offline!
  • Search for a specific post or user
  • Disable or block a user
  • Shoot a notification about a new message, with the ability to reply from it on new versions of Android
  • Beautiful animations and transitions
  • Image sharing Video, Audio
  • Sharing Contacts sharing
  • Place allocation
  • File sharing
  • Emoji support
  • Admob ready
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