66biolinks v28.0.0 - Bio Links, URL Shortener & QR Codes Generator (SAAS)


BioLinks is a tool that solves the Instagram linking problem. Create a great website where you sign up and add as many links as you want and paste your custom profile URL into your instagram bio and never change it again.


  • Facebook
  • Integration Instagram Integration
  • PayPal and Stripe Payment Gateways
  • Credit-Based Pro Accounts Subscription
  • Trial Mode for Professional Accounts
  • Link Planning: Users can set start and end times for links.
  • Colored Links and Custom Backgrounds: Users can have custom backgrounds uploaded and control the color of each link they add.
  • Daily traffic statistics for each link. Link
  • restrictions for regular users are configured by the admin user.
  • User Profiles: User profiles and URLs.
  • SoundCloud Music Parser - If you add a link to a SoundCloud song, the profile page will automatically embed that SoundCloud song.
  • YouTube Video Analyzer - If you add a link to a YouTube video, this YouTube video will be automatically inserted in your profile page.
  • Twitch Channel Analyzer - If you add a link to a Twitch channel, this Twitch channel will be automatically embedded in your profile page.
  • Link hits: Check how many hits your link received in total.
  • Responsive: Responsive and clean design thanks to Bootstrap 3
  • Forgot your password and reactivate:
  • Drag and reorder the links in the toolbar.
  • GDPR compliant
  • Full RTL support
  • Bit.ly API Integrated for users or professional users to automatically shorten links.
  • Integrated Google Analytics for users or professional users for more detailed statistics on their profiles.
  • Check out the demo for a full list of features...

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