JSON Content Importer Pro v3.6.1


Take JSON from URL and convert it to HTML on WordPress page. The plugin parses almost any JSON and allows you to display all data on your website: import data from an API / web service to display it on your website.

  • Use the templating engine to display data from the JSON-Feed.
  • Define the JSON-Feed url, template for it, and other parameters like number of items to display, caching time, etc.
  • Cacher with new option: If the http-API request doesn't work, you can use possibly cached JSON. Set the switch in plugin settings: which API problem should be resolved, how (either an invalid API-http response, or a non-JSON-API response, or both). This is disabled by default for backward compatibility. Recommendation: enable plugins-cacher (for example a few minutes) and select the radio button "If API-http-answercode is not 200 OR sends invalid JSON: try using cached JSON" in the plugin options.
  • The template engine inserts JSON data into the template.
  • You can use this as a wordpress shortcode inside the page - some additional functions like urlencoding can be called.
  • Or use Gutenberg mode: then you won't have the hassle of building a shortcode, testing it, and modifying it. With the Gutenberg block, you can test it in real time and create a shortcode (if you want to stay with the shortcodes)


●  Size: 1.2 Mb