User Registration v3.0.2 - Best WordPress Registration Form Plugin + Addons


User Registration is the best WordPress registration form plugin. Creating a user registration form and a WordPress login form has never been easier. Absolutely no coding required. Create any type of registration form in a minute. The best thing about the plugin is that it offers unlimited customization for every field and registration form.


Yes, you don't need to write any code to create a user registration form. Just drag and drop the registration fields and you're done. No code, no fuss.

Email notifications

Email notifications are vital for any form of user registration. Sending a custom email to your users as soon as they register with your site builds trust and helps in conversions. Plus, you can send several other notifications about profile data changes, email confirmation, password change and more.

Unlimited number of form fields

There are no restrictions on the use of predefined registration fields. Just drag the registration fields into the registration form. The user registration plugin removes the restrictions set by default WordPress fields and allows for an array of custom fields like country, dropdown, multiple choice, checkboxes, phone and more.

User Profile

Account A beautiful user profile account that is well thought out and intuitive. Users can quickly view all of the custom information that the user fills in during registration through their user profile page. You can even control the appearance of the page with our add-ons.

Built-in Login Form

Quickly use beautifully designed login forms with a simple shortcode. Replace the default WordPress login form with the User Registration login form and install it on any of your WordPress pages. It is also possible to redirect the default WordPress login page to our custom login page.

Form constructor

Want to design registration and login forms to match your website design. Don't worry, we've got you covered. You don't need to write codes. Use the Style Customizer add-on to customize the color, fonts, font family, spacing on the registration and login forms. You can instantly view the changes in real time.

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