Ludo with Payment Gateway

26-10-2021, 08:28
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Ludo with Payment Gateway

Possibility of local and network multiplayer mode. 2 to 4 multiplayer modes. Multiplayer play through 6 to 9 rival game rooms. Invite your Facebook friends to a specific playroom. Levels and awards received for defeating friends. Ludo King title and other titles. Compete with the world's players and make friends with them through Facebook. The ability to send emoticons to opponents. Snakes and Ladders can be played across different playing fields. Simple instructions for compliance with games. Exemplary graphics to make the game stand out. Sound / mute option.

Login / Register. Play the game online / offline. Create a private table. Invite your friends to play at a private table. Play for real money. Instant play and withdraw money. Invite and earn in the wallet in the application. Play in automatic mode. Smart notifications. Coins and wallet management. Daily Bonus Coins.


ludo-gateway-1.0.rar (448.7 Mb)

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