AIomatic v1.8.6 - Automatic AI Content Writer

Feb 17, 2024
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AIomatic v1.8.6 - Automatic AI Content Writer

Introducing Aiomatic, your all-in-one AI-powered WordPress plugin, lovingly crafted and meticulously refined by me (Szabi). Born from a simple idea, Aiomatic has grown into a comprehensive suite of AI tools that can revolutionize your WordPress experience.

In its early days, Aiomatic was a humble AI post generator, capable of creating AI posts using a few straightforward methods. But as I poured my heart and soul into the plugin, it began to evolve, expanding its capabilities far beyond its original design.

Today, Aiomatic is not just a plugin; it’s a powerhouse. It’s a single AI post creator, a bulk AI post creator with multiple content generation methods, and an automatic content editor. It’s a manual bulk content editor, an AI chatbot, and a content generator from RSS feeds. It’s an integrated AI assistant that adds AI-generated content to other plugins, and it’s a creator of stable diffusion images.

But that’s not all. Aiomatic is also an AI playground, offering AI fine-tuning, embeddings, AI shortcodes, and a wealth of statistics. It’s an AI SEO tool, providing AI suggestions, usage limitations, usage logs, and graphs. It’s an AI form creator, an AI text moderator, and an AI audio-to-text converter. And it’s always growing, always improving, always evolving.

With Aiomatic, you’re not just getting a plugin. You’re getting a partner, a tool that works tirelessly to make your WordPress experience as seamless and as efficient as possible. You’re getting the result of countless hours of development, refinement, and fine-tuning, all from my part, done with passion, dedication, and commitment to improve this plugin over time, helped by the feedback coming back from my customers.

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