WooCommerce Fees and Discounts v1.9.4

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WooCommerce Fees and Discounts v1.9.4

Create powerful pricing incentives quickly and easily.

Create powerful pricing incentives in WooCommerce

  • Apply bulk discounts or fees, ether fixed or percentage
  • Create dynamic pricing rules like Buy One Get One Free
  • Create discounts based on the total value in the cart
  • Apply fees and discounts based on payment gateway

Bulk and dynamic pricing rules

  • Offer discounts by product, category or on the whole cart
  • Create multiple pricing tiers
  • Display pricing tiers in easy to read tables

Set user role pricing

  • Set different prices according to user roles
  • Adjust pricing globally, by category or by product
  • Set bulk discount roles by role
  • Exclude tax by user role
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