Multikart v2.0 - Best Shopify Flutter E-commerce Full App

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Multikart v2.0 - Best Shopify Flutter E-commerce Full App

Multikart Shopify is an eCommerce mobile app with full integration with your existing Shopify website. It offers app developers a fast and expressive way to build native apps on both iOS and Android using a single codebase. This app comes with around 30+ screens and will work on both Android and iOS platforms. Multikart has some additional features like shimmer effect, multi-currency, multi-language, state management using GetX, support Dart extension, RTL and GRAPHQL support. This UI enables you to develop beautiful and feature-rich apps. You can add any part of the code. You like and apply it to your code. Our code is well organized with all folders, file names, class names variables and functions under 70 lines. This code is well named to make it easy to reuse and customize. This app has features like light and dark mode.

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