Dynamic Content for Elementor v2.7.3

Dynamic Content for Elementor improve your site potential with additional widgets, expanding the functionality of Elementor. Manage your various components dynamically with Elementor templates. Your content will still be driven by the native WordPress interface, and the layout will be globally shaped by the Elementor templates. Widgets displaying metadata created by Advanced Custom Fields plugin.


  • Select your WordPress posts in the layout you want and display your content faster!
  • Advanced filters. Combine the power of external search filters with Dynamic Post v2!
  • Signature for Elementor Pro forms. Add a signature box to your forms and use it in your PDF.
  • Copy-paste across all sites. Copy your content from one site to another with a different domain with an easy copy / paste operation!
  • Email template. You can send emails using easy-to-create layouts saved as Elementor templates.
  • Export. You can export data received from forms to any external services.
  • Preservation. You can save all data received from forms, such as record, due date or user, to the database.
  • PDF generator. Create a dynamic data PDF from forms to save or send as an email attachment.
  • Generator of messages. Tired of the usual boring messages? Engage users with colorful and meaningful posts.
  • Conditional fields. Add conditional logic to form fields, create variable form based on user selection.
  • Copy to clipboard button. Store any text on the client's clipboard.
  • Calendar button. Don't let users forget about the appointment, add the event to your calendar with one click.
  • Add to favorites. To store user data, globally or in cookies, you can create wishlists or remember pages that your users like.
  • Developer widget. Made so that you can directly integrate everything from the widget.
  • Advanced custom fields. Widgets displaying metadata created by the ACF - Advanced Custom Fields plugin.
  • ACF repeating fields. Use repeating fields on the publish page and in page templates when creating grid, table, and carousel layouts.
  • Get and view content. Include any content on your site on any page.

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