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April 01 2021

InBefore v1.0.5 - News Aggregator with Search Engine

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InBefore v1.0.5 - News Aggregator with Search Engine

InBefore is an automatic news aggregator that can import the latest content from an unlimited number of RSS feeds. With a free Google search engine CSE that searches different parts of the web. Including various types of search sections such as web, videos, torrents and even subtitles. API keys are not required.

InBefore is not a regular RSS grabber, it has special features like DOM-based full-text HTML extraction for articles, automatic content extraction cron-based, deleting old content after a certain period and more.

InBefore is the perfect choice for anyone looking to create their own Yahoo/AOL-like content portal without any server load.

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  1. wipro  (Junior)

    05 September 2021 17:34 3 comments

    there this ia s good website

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