Thrive Clever Widgets v2.9.1 - Show Relevant WordPress Widgets

Thrive Clever Widgets is a marketing focused WordPress plugin that improves user experience and conversions in a couple of clicks. Unfortunately, most websites use sidebar, footer, or other widget areas regardless of user preference. It doesn't matter which page of the site the user is reading, he will see the same content in the sidebar.

As a result, only a small number of visitors are interested in the content in the widgets, most of them simply ignore it. Using the Clever Widgets plugin, you will display articles of interest to users. Instead of ignoring the widget zones, your users will pay attention to the title of the article with the thought Wow, this is exactly what I was looking for. And you will get more clicks and high conversions.

Thrive Clever Widgets takes advantage of the fact that a visitor is telling basic information about themselves from the links they click on. With this plugin, you can find out not only what content to show to users, but in which focus zones it is better to display it, based on tags, categories, posts.

How to improve your site with Clever Widgets?

Thrive Clever Widgets easily integrates with WordPress default options. You do not need to configure anything, new links in the widgets will appear immediately after installing the plugin. The intuitive interface also allows you to customize the exact location of the widgets.

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