YOO Widgetkit PRO v3.1.6 - Package of Widgets for Joomla

YOO Widgetkit PRO - we are glad to announce that a new version of the popular set of useful widgets from the YooTheme Studio. Widgets allow you to easily arrange content in materials and display modules in Joomla. This includes a convenient slider, parallax, image gallery, a convenient media player, lightbox, accordion, grid layout builder, customizable google maps. Features: The presence of a convenient widget manager, where you can create and edit widgets, many attractive effects, automatic image size adjustment, touch screen operation and other features.


  • The accordion extension helps you display a set of elements in a compact way. For sites with a lot of information, this widget is very convenient.
  • The gallery extension provides a fully automated way to add images to your site. It has very simple settings and also has the ability to choose from 10 built-in gallery styles.
  • The Map extension allows you to easily add Google Maps to your Internet resource. Moreover, you can customize its color and some other parameters for your website.
  • Thanks to the media player included with the widgetkit, you can easily embed video and audio files on your site using internal functions.
  • The Slideshow extension is a flexible widget with simple customization and seventeen different visual effects.
  • There is also a "lightbox" extension that allows you to darken the background behind the content, a "spotlight" widget that displays images with various effects and makes it possible to set links with a transition to other pages of the site. Let's not forget about the ability to display the latest messages from the Twitter social network on the site.
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