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Freelance Manager v4.0

29-03-2021, 17:29
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Freelance Manager v4.0

Freelance Manager is a powerful yet simple project and client management application. It is the perfect solution for freelance designers and developers. It's also great for consultants, project managers and service professionals.


  • Responsive layout - both admin and client area are responsive.
  • Customer Management - You can easily add, edit, and manage customer profile information, and track all related projects, invoices, and workflow approval queues.
  • Project management - you can manage all aspects of the project, from progress, cost, parameters, completion schedule, project manager, etc.
  • Workflow approval system - when an employee or project manager has completed a task or a fix for a client, a "submission" is sent to the client for check.
  • File Upload Tool - You can associate uploads with project uploads. ...
  • Submitted Projects - Submitted designs are also referred to as drafts, concepts, or revisions. ...
  • Task (To-Do) Function - Project managers or employees can create tasks to complete based on a specific project.
  • Time Tracking Tool - This feature allows your team to create records based on a client, project, or specific task.
  • Billing Function
  • Payment Gateway Integration - PayPal and Stripe
  • Ticket Support System - The system provides complete priority management, ticket assignment and tracking of results.
  • Messaging System - Customers can send messages to employees, providing a convenient way for the company to track communication.
  • Human resources management - you have flexibility regarding permissions of each employee for added security
  • Powerful reports - We have developed a powerful and comprehensive reporting solution.
  • Events Calendar - An events calendar that shows unpaid invoices, projects and tasks based on the current / selected month / year.
  • Database Backup / Restore - Built-in backup / restore function to back up and restore the entire database
  • And more...
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