EMS v2.0 - Employee Attendance Tracker (Admin Panel + Employee Mobile App)

05-06-2023, 20:53
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EMS v2.0 - Employee Attendance Tracker (Admin Panel + Employee Mobile App)

Employee Attendance Tracker (admin panel + employee mobile app) - EMS

  • View all company summary
  • Company Setup
  • All company user list
  • Common master data setup
  • Super admin can setup company wise single/multiple device allow for device registration
  • Multiple Device Allow means, Can an employee login from one mobile or from a few mobiles?Also admin can reset employee registered device from app login history menu
  • Super admin can reset user password from user list
  • View company summary dashboard
  • View user current location on google map
  • Employee Management(Employee list,Create,Update, Bulk employee upload, generate QR code for app checkin, Login, view Employee login history wise device details )
  • Leave Management(view leave list, approve pending leave)
  • Task Management
  • - Create task from web
    - Update Task
    - Task Type Indoor/Outdoor
    - for outdoor task display 2 additional property (Contact No and Address)
    - View task as calendar view
    - Open task from calendar
    - View task as list view with top filter option
    - Update task status
  • Reports(Attendance report, Monthly summary report)
  • Notices(View Notice, Post notice to all employee)
  • Settings(Department setup, designation setup)
  • Admin can remove registered employee device for new device login
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