Kryptonia v2.0 - Cryptocurrency Wallet App

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Kryptonia v2.0 - Cryptocurrency Wallet App

Kryptonia Crypto Wallet App is a universal multi-cryptocurrency wallet app built on the Flutter framework, made by Google. Aimed at reducing thousands of hours of designing, developing, and testing a mobile app, Kryptonia is a full application and comes as a complete solution for optimizing to deliver your app to the market with top quality, high productivity and cost-efficiency. It offers smooth performance, great functionalities, impressive UX design, top level security and works on both iOS and Android devices.

In addition to iOS and Android Apps, it also comes packed with some web templates for account verification and password resets, that can be easily integrated into your website. The download package also includes an admin dashboard file that can work both as a responsive website and cross-platform mobile app, an installation guide, and design images/svgs resources link that will help you set up in the easiest way possible.

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