Featured Image from URL Premium v6.2.2

Oct 15, 2023
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Featured Image from URL Premium v6.2.2

Use external image / video / slider as featured image of your post / page or custom post type (WooCommerce product). Includes auto setup, product gallery, social tagging and more.


  • Ideal for external posts, the plugin can use the first image / video as the featured image;
  • When accessing the table of publications / pages / products / categories in the admin menu, the selected images are displayed in a new column;
  • If your theme does not show featured images on posts / pages / products, it is possible to automatically include them at the beginning of the content but if your theme shows featured images on posts / pages / products, there is an option to remove featured images;
  • with lazy loading function, images / videos will not load until the user scrolls through them, which will speed up loading of the home page / store;
  • All included content still has social tags to facilitate sharing on social media;
  • Compatible with WP All Import plugin and WooCommerce imports;
  • Some non-standard image URLs like Instagram and Google Drive will work as well.
  • You can define the default external displayed image that will be displayed when there is no selected image;
  • You can turn off product lightbox and zoom;
  • You can apply your own CSS style or 18 image hover effects;
  • Supports WP REST API (extended feature)
  • Allows you to schedule a cron event to set all first images as favorites. So it can work hourly, daily, etc. (Premium feature);
  • All features built for external images are available for external videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Cloudinary and Tumblr. For YouTube videos, you
  • Can set the player options. And you can define the video size for each screen type (premium feature);
  • You can use the image slider like “Featured Image” (premium feature);
  • You can use an external thumbnail or external video (from YouTube, Vimeo, Cloudinary, or Tumblr) as a “featured image” (premium feature);
  • You can use any content provided by the shortcode as a “featured image” (BETA premium feature);
  • Automatic adjustment of product category images, with each image selected from external product images from that category (premium feature);
  • You can also use external images in WooCommerce product gallery, product categories and variable products (premium feature);
  • You can use external thumbnails from Flickr to make your site 94% faster (premium feature)
  • It is able to crop all external images in the store / house to one size (premium feature);
  • Auto play / pause video when mouse hover / off (advanced function);
  • Replace broken URLs by default (advanced feature);

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