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PlayTubeVideo v4.4 - Live Streaming and Video CMS Platform

10-05-2024, 12:56
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PlayTubeVideo v4.4 - Live Streaming and Video CMS Platform

PlayTubeVideo - The Perfect Online NODE and REACT JS Live Streaming, Video CMS and Video Sharing Platform PlayTubeVideo is fast, secured and takes care of all your video platform needs.


  • Social Sites Integration: With one click, you can login to your site using Social Sites. (Ex - Facebook, Twitter and Google.)
  • Create Channel: User can create his own channel and upload/import videos.
  • Create Video: User can create his own videos using uploading or Import feature.
  • Upload Videos: Upload any video from your device and share it online
  • Import Videos: Import videos easily from YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo and integrated with iFramely which gives power to import video from any site.
  • Like & Dislike: User can like or dislike videos.
  • Comment: User can comment on videos. Auto approve comments of Verified Users and Content Owner to choose enable approve Comments before display can be enable/disable from Admin Panel settings.
  • Subscriptions: User can subscribe to video channels.
  • Follow: User can follow other users.
  • Favourites: User can make videos to favourite.
  • Upgrade Pro: User can upgrade to different packages created by Admin.
  • Create Blog: User can create his own Blogs.
  • Create Advertisement: Pay per Click/Pay per Impression advertisement can be created by users.
  • Recently Visited, Most Rated, Watch Later Videos: See what you have recently visited, rated videos and save to watch them later.
  • High Performance & Capability: PlayTubeVideo can handle HD videos easily, with a very high performance and speed.
  • Notifications: Videos/Playlists/Members/Channels/Blogs related notifications can be managed from Edit settings.
  • SEO friendly: SEO friendly links, and HTML code that Google will love!

  • You can save your money up to 90% and 100% virus free files from author.
  • No waiting! The download will be available after payment successful.
  • We are currently accpet PayPal, BTC, ETH and USDT.
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14-11-2021 18:13
An Update to this please 
15-11-2021 10:12
Yes, I will try to upgrade for you!
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