Spotlight Instagram Feeds Premium v0.8.1


Embed your Instagram feed anywhere on your website. Pick a beautifully designed template, connect your Instagram account and set up unlimited Instagram feeds to embed on your website. A simple, no-code solution for anything from a simple Instagram gallery to a "bio link" to buyable Instagram feeds.


Connect Multiple Instagram Accounts

Connect your Instagram account in seconds with Spotlight's secure connection options.

Create multiple Instagram feeds

Create and embed as many Instagram feeds as you want. For homepage, sidebar, footer, it's up to you.

Choose your favorite template and layout

Beautifully designed templates ready to use and many layouts to choose from.

Customize Design

Customize the look of your Instagram feed with a simple point-and-click interface.

PRODisplay posts from hashtag feeds

Display posts from all over Instagram that use one or more hashtags of your choice.

PRODisplaying Tagged

Posts Embed Instagram posts from other people who tagged your Instagram account.

PROSubtitle filtering

Show or hide messages that contain one or more keywords or phrases in their titles.

PROFilter hashtags

Show or hide messages containing one or more hashtags. Applies to all account and hashtag feeds.

100% responsive on all devices

Looks beautiful on desktops, tablets and phones right out of the box. Also configurable for each device.

PROVisual Moderation

Hover over and click to select Instagram posts to show or hide in each feed.

PROShoppable Instagram feeds

Link Instagram posts to WooCommerce products (or any link) or add calls to action in a popup.

PROCustom Bio Feed Link

Create custom pages for your Instagram bio feed link and link each post to blog posts, etc.

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