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RealPlaces v1.9.7 - Estate Sale and Rental WordPress Theme

25-09-2023, 07:47
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RealPlaces v1.9.7 - Estate Sale and Rental WordPress Theme

Real Places is a premium WordPress theme for real estate websites. It has a purposeful design and offers decent design options with flexibility and customization to suit different requirements. This theme contains many useful features related to real estate.

This theme includes advanced property lookup functionality that is not only powerful but also fully customizable to meet different requirements. You can choose which fields you want to display, in what order you want those fields to appear, and what data will appear in those fields. You can display multiple location fields to provide search behavior, such as State> City> State. You can change the values in the price related fields. You can also decide how the property search results page should look like, how many properties it should display, and in what order those properties should be sorted.

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