SAM VPN App v5.0 - Secure VPN and Fast Servers VPN, Reward Video Ads, Subscription, Admob & FB Ads


SAM VPN is a very fast and secure VPN app with unlimited bandwidth and there are many secure servers in this VPN app when you can flip through the servers. You can see more and more servers. In this VPN app, you can connect to any country server with one click. we use Hydra SDK, it's free.

When you connect to any server you can in Swipe Effect. Now you can easily unblock and access these limited ego websites. This app has video ad rewards for unlocking premium servers. You will receive income from subscriptions and rewards for video ads, interstitial ads, banner ads. We have integrated Facebook and Admob ads.



●  Size: 1.6 Mb  ●  Downloads: 409