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Ethereum WordPress ICO Plugin Premium v2.3.9

18-01-2022, 06:17
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Ethereum WordPress ICO Plugin Premium v2.3.9

Ethereum WordPress ICO Plugin Premium is a full featured plugin to run any Ethereum ICO project directly on your Wordpress site. Use the Wordpress ICO MetaMask plugin to sell your Ethereum ERC20 ICO Crowdsale tokens from your Wordpress website. Any EVM compatible blockchain can be used, such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC).


  • You can use the bounty program if your ERC20 crowdsale contract supports it.
  • Transaction data is supported to send to your crowdsale contract.
  • You can use any of WP's persistent hash plugins to overcome the and API rate limits. We use a cache to limit the frequency of API calls to a reasonable value.
  • The display of coins and token icons can be turned on
  • You can set the maximum amount of Ether to get around some legal issues.
  • Initial setup of a private sale to count funds received from a non-crowdsale contract
  • Custom/Private Blockchain Feature: Ethereum Node JSON-RPC Endpoint and other related settings to use any EVM compliant blockchain.
  • You can save your money up to 90% and 100% virus free files from author.
  • No waiting! The download will be available after payment successful.
  • We are currently accpet PayPal, BTC, ETH and USDT.
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